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Brady® Lockout Padlock, Standard, Series: SafeKey, Different Key, Red, LOTO-101 Nylon Body, 1/4 in Shackle Dia, 1-1/2 in Shackle Height, 0.8 in Shackle Width, Steel Shackle, 3/4 in Body Length, 1-1/2 in Body Width, 6-Pin, DANGER LOCKED OUT DO NOT REMOVE, PROPERTY OF Legend, Non-Conductive Conductivity
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  • Stay ahead of technology, Brady® safekey lockout padlocks, exclusively from Brady®, provide ultimate key precision and advanced key security in your lockout program
  • Demand is growing for more unique key possibilities in lockout tagout with safekey padlocks you get up to 700% more key codes than traditional safety padlocks
  • Patent pending linear lock design allows for more precise key cutting, giving you more unique key codes and smoother key operation
  • Find it fast keys and lock bodies are color matched to help you quickly find the key for your lock
  • Get years of use with the low friction locking mechanism and durable one-piece body design
  • Nylon padlocks with steel shackles are lightweight and durable making them ideal for general lockout applications
  • Keep it together padlock is key retaining so you can keep your key and padlock together when not in use
  • Single keyed different padlocks are ideal for starting or expanding, your lockout program


  • Lockout Tagout, Safety and Compliance ID