A-B800K22FMG24X10E100J MFG #: 800K-22FMG24X10E100J
$120.00 / EA
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  • Brand Name: Allen-Bradley
  • Cap/Button Color: Green
Reduce corrosion and bacterial growth with Allen Bradley® Bulletin 800K piezoelectric push buttons. Designed for high-pressure wash-down environments, this line is an innovative rethinking of push button technology and its industrial applications. Catalog item 800K-22FMG24X10E100J is a flush momentary 800K 22.5 mm piezoelectric operator from Rockwell Automation®. For full product details, please see the sections below.
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  • Offers custom laser engraving
  • Includes UL Certified product for industrial panel
  • Minimizes bacteria growth potential from crevices
  • Minimizes frequent replacement due to corrosion
  • Minimizes production loss due to cle
24 V