Women’s Safety Gear: One Size Fits None

| Liz Rossiter

Women's Safety Gear

One of the things we’re starting to see in the industrial world is an increased number of women in the trades. While this used to be a rarity, it’s becoming a more regular occurrence, and I expect we’ll see more of it in the future. Though there are still some stereotypes, industrial and trades jobs can be an excellent career path for women to follow.

It’s Not About Pink Gear

As a result, safety companies are expanding their offering and developing gear that’s specifically designed for women. I’m no fashionista, but I do love durable, comfortable, well-fitting gear. Today’s worker is not a one-size-fits-all person and your personal protective equipment (PPE) shouldn’t be either. PPE that fits properly improves efficiency and comfort—and most importantly, safety.

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Ladies (and Gentlemen), We Have Options!

With something as critical as safety, it’s important that we not settle for ill-fitting gear. While this doesn’t just apply to women, I can say from my experience that I love having extended sizing and fit options when it comes to women’s safety gear. Those clunky XL leather work gloves used to be the only option. Now we can offer sizes down to extra small in a variety of styles, materials, and levels of protection. We don’t have to risk our safety with fogged-up, oversized visitor specs. Eyewear is available with different base curves to fit smaller or narrower faces. And we can get it with blue-light filtering, in different colors, and with a choice of coatings.

Safety Gear WomenGoing Beyond PPE

To take it one step further, this isn’t just limited to basic PPE. Anyone who has spent time using fall protection equipment can recognize the difference when presented with a quality harness. An ill-fitting harness can be a major hazard to anyone working at heights. For a person wearing a harness all day, size and comfort can be crucial. In addition to ensuring safety, improved fit, increased comfort, and lighter-weight body wear reduces worker fatigue and increases productivity.

There are now many options for size and cut/fit of fire-resistant (FR) clothing and outerwear. We can do complete fittings and offer the best styles and fabrics for the job. When you’re sending an electrician into a situation where arc flash is a possibility, the last thing that person should worry about is poorly fitting gear. They need something safe and comfortable so that they can focus on completing the task at hand without incident.

Fabric technology has come a long way. There are now fabrics available that are lightweight, breathable, and inherently FR. What does that mean for the user? Exceptional protection and low maintenance. No special laundry instructions! With inherently FR fabrics, the FR protection doesn’t wash off, so you’re safe to wash and wear as many times as you want.

We Can Help You Keep All Workers Safe

These options may seem overwhelming, especially with new products and technology being introduced all the time. At Horizon Solutions, we make safety a priority, and we would love to help you do the same. At the end of the day, we want to see everyone go home to their families. If you’re looking for guidance or training on how you can provide your team with the best options for a safe work environment as well as keep your workplace compliant, contact us today.

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