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Smart Lockout/Tagout

It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

With more advanced and modernized automation practices than ever before, it’s important that workplace safety practices stay as up to date as plant equipment and technology. Smart Safety is an emerging global trend in automating the tracking, measuring, and review of safety procedures. Smart Safety takes out the manual tracking of safety procedures so your workers can shift their focus to other important plant operations. This makes safety easier and more exact than ever before. With a variety of Smart Safety tools available, companies big and small are able to integrate Smart Safety practices into their facilities.

What Are the Benefits of Smart Safety?

Ultimately, the goal of Smart Safety technology is to save your company time, money, and lives. More specifically, how can it advance your workplace? Safety tracking can now be more exact. With the assistance of software, Smart Safety technologies can pick up errors and anomalies that may otherwise be passed over by the human eye. Through this data collection, automation processes and procedures can be made to be more efficient by avoiding common safety issues that may have once been overlooked. Some other benefits of smart safety include:

  • Smart Lockout Tagout smart safety lockout tagout mobileRemaining competitive and staying up to date with your industry
  • Increased compliance with OSHA regulations
  • Tracking metrics make the measurement and analysis of safety functions easier than ever
  • Reports can be automatically generated from real-time data and available to multiple parties at once
  • Tracking metrics can ensure that industry standards are being met
  • Better control over who has access and the ability to edit safety procedures

Some may argue that the smartest part about Smart Safety is its ability to connect to your smart devices. An abundance of these Smart Safety software platforms and technologies are available on both desktop and mobile applications, which allows greater flexibility and visibility with your data.

Smart Safety, Meet Lockout/Tagout

Lockout/Tagout is one of the many situations in a plant where Smart Safety technologies can be utilized.  Lockout/Tagout procedures that used to be done on paper can now be exclusively done online or through mobile devices. Safety software can be used to store, track, and edit lockout/tagout procedures, keep up to date on audits, and provide lockout/tagout data to plant managers, safety directors, and other authorized personnel anywhere in the world.

Smart Lockout Tagout smart safety QR codeCompanies use smart lockout/tagout safety to get ahead of the competition. While other manufacturers may be using traditional paper methods, those who use safety software for their lockout/tagout procedures save time and money by keeping their procedures up to date in one easily accessible place. Real-time data, document control, and online accessibility are qualities the paper methods are simply never going to have.

Interested in more suggestions on how to improve your lockout/tagout safety success? Check out this blog post by one of Horizon Solution’s automation specialists, Tom Hopkins, for more general tips.

Let the Technology Work For You

Smart Lockout Tagout components of a lockout tagout programFor yet another year, lockout/tagout citations made it onto OHSA’s Top Ten Citations list. Why do they always seem to make the list? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Failure to establish a lockout/tagout program
  2. Inadequate or missing lockout/tagout procedures
  3. Failing to audit the program, employees, and procedures at the correct interval
  4. Failing to provide training to authorized and/or affected employees
  5. Failure to clearly outline the scope and rules to be utilized and the means to enforce

Smart lockout/tagout safety software can eliminate all of these reasons to receive a citation. The technology helps keep track of how often audits occur, what lockout/tagout procedures are up to date, and automates many of the processes that workers used to have to manually keep track of. Nearly all companies that offer Smart Safety software provide the necessary training to master the software. Once employees are properly trained and the software is utilized, they can direct their efforts elsewhere in the plant, rather than tediously spending time tracking and worrying about lockout/tagout procedures amongst the other safety procedures on their radar.

Featured Tool: ScanESC a Rockwell Automation Product

One specific smart lockout/tagout safety software is ScanESC™, a product created by Rockwell Automation®. ScanESC™ is a patented iPad app and an online server that helps manage simple to the most complex lockout/tagout databases. ESC, the Rockwell Automation business that makes ScanESC, recognizes that no two manufacturers are the same, even if they’re in the same industry making the same product. This is why each ScanESC solution is customized for each customer. The software provides real-time data tracking for all lockout/tagout procedures across the whole company, including each and every location. Through the secure online server, authorized employees are able to see who is involved in a lockout, how long it will take a specific machine or the whole system to reach a zero energy state, and how long the lockout will take to ensure all necessary maintenance is completed. All of this information is also available with the simple scan of a QR code through the ScanESC app. Having both the app and online platform means you can take your data with you, from the plant floor to the top office.

Smart Lockout Tagout ScanESC infographic

Smart safety is everyone’s responsibility

Do you have questions about ScanESC or Lockout/Tagout applications? Contact our team today. Our team includes certified Machine Safety Specialists, Accredited Industrial Safety Experts, as well as OSHA Outreach Trainers. We are here to help.

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