3 Tips to Prepare Your Fleet for Safe Winter Driving

| Horizon Solutions

Truck plowing snow

If you operate a fleet of vehicles, you need to be prepared for your team to drive in wet and/or slippery conditions. As falling leaves transition to falling snow and sleet, make sure you’re ready for anything this winter season. Here are three tips to make sure you’re ready for winter driving:

Get Your Vehicles Serviced Now

Having your vehicles break down at any time of year is a frustrating experience, but it’s especially not ideal in the winter. Get your fleet tuned up and make sure you keep up with routine maintenance. Have any leaks, bad hoses, or other repairs completed now so you don’t end up in an especially tough spot in the winter. Also, make sure you get your battery checked as it takes more energy to start your vehicle in the cold.

Plan Your Trip Ahead of Time

Planning ahead for anything is always a great idea. It goes a long way toward identifying any issues and gives you the ability to come up with a plan B if needed, and the same goes for winter driving. Whether your team is traveling to a worksite, plant, or wherever it is they need to get the job done, check the weather beforehand and make sure they leave with plenty of time to spare. If they’re going somewhere new or unfamiliar, be sure they’re familiar with the route beforehand and know when they plan to arrive.

Keep Your Vehicles Stocked

You’ll want to make sure you have your vehicles outfitted with a few essential items in case someone from your team gets stuck in the snow. The recommended solutions below will ensure they can stay safe and warm until help arrives:

Need help finding the right tools to keep your team safe while driving this winter? Contact our experts today! And don’t miss out on the great deals in our Winter Products Guide.