Case Study: Growing Car Wash Chain Prepares for a Safer Future

| Horizon Solutions

Worker inspecting equipment

No matter the company or industry, safety should be a top priority for everyone. Recently, we worked with a local car wash chain that prioritized safety, but accidents can still happen. The case study below details how we worked with the company and our partners to ensure the client is ready for a safe future.


A growing car wash chain that serves customers across the United States and is slated to open more locations.


Although safety was their number one concern, an arc flash incident resulted in one location being shut down and an employee sent to the hospital.


We took immediate action:

  • Went on-site immediately and performed a facility assessment
  • Worked with a local electrical inspector
  • Worked with Eaton to evaluate the client’s Motor Control Center (MCC) and perform an arc flash safety service
  • Provided expertise to get their facility back up and running, including providing information to prevent OSHA violations
  • Hosted an arc flash training for all their technicians to prevent future incidents
  • Currently working with Eaton’s Bussmann Division to create an online standardized training nationwide for all the client’s locations through digital remote access


By making an investment in training their workforce, the client is saving tens of thousands of dollars in possible future OSHA fines. Additionally, prioritizing safety and education is priceless.

“Horizon Solutions has been a great asset to our company. They assisted in expediting our safety and compliance process to ensure we were aligned with OSHA. Utilizing their local training facility in Rochester has been a huge benefit to the team, including safety and arc flash. Experiencing what I have now, I recommend all parties conduct an arc flash assessment and save a life.”

- Car Wash General Manager

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