Ryan Beauchemin: 2021 30 Under 35 Honoree

| Horizon Solutions

Ryan Beauchemin

Congratulations, Ryan Beauchemin!

This year, tED Magazine selected our Ryan Beauchemin as a 2021 30 Under 35 honoree. And this week, Ryan was featured in a profile on the magazine website. The article includes an interview with Ryan about his 15-year history with Horizon Solutions and his thoughts on the industries we serve.

From Warehouse to Service Specialist

Ryan Beauchemin began his career at Horizon Solutions as a part-time warehouse employee while attending a local community college. As a warehouse worker, he took the initiative to make deliveries and support the sales counter. He was always willing to help and took an interest in improving his knowledge of products and services. Over the past fifteen years, Ryan moved into increasingly challenging customer-facing positions, requiring more responsibility. These roles include Inside Services and Solutions Administrator, Inside Sales Associate, Asset Management Specialist, and his current title, Services Specialist for our Upstate New York region.

Growing to Provide Exemplary Service

Ryan Beauchemin is always looking for personal and professional development and opportunities for efficiency improvements and profitable growth. He excels at providing outstanding customer service with a focus on customer retention and uncovering new business opportunities. He prides himself on a strong work ethic and approaches challenging situations with a partnership-like attitude, striving to understand customer issues and develop the right solutions. He leverages his unique ability to analyze customer data, quickly extract critical information, and provide meaningful information to our customers for implementation.

Going Above and Beyond

Ryan Beauchemin is not an 8 am-5 pm employee. He is committed and dedicated to completing projects regardless of the time requirements, typically involving long hours. Ryan goes above and beyond for our customers to exceed expectations.

Over the Fourth of July holiday in 2019, he worked on an Installed Base Evaluation (IBE). The customer said it would be a good time to complete the evaluation because they would be shut down for the week. Ryan traveled out to the site on June 30th, which was a Sunday. Once on site, the scope of the project changed dramatically. What we expected to be a 160-panel assessment ended up being a 230-panel assessment. He completed the evaluation on schedule by adding a couple of longer than expected days, and he even set his personal record of 78 panels in a single day (average is 40-50 panels).

During recent a month of jury duty, Ryan remained connected to the business, checking in throughout the day whenever possible and at the end of each day. Additionally, he engaged with customers working through problems and developing solutions as time permitted, including several evenings.

Connecting and Collaborating

The height of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 was challenging in many aspects, but Ryan took it as an opportunity to reach out and support others. He actively connected with coworkers, offering his support and expertise from various roles he once occupied, not to mention offering his assistance to others with limited bandwidth.

Throughout his various roles, Ryan has interacted with many levels of leadership, customers, and colleagues, which has developed his skill for listening, interpreting, understanding, and providing tangible solutions. He is a team player with a great attitude, collaborating well with everyone in the organization.

Demonstrating Leadership

Ryan Beauchemin is a natural leader, embracing leadership responsibilities and delegating project initiatives seamlessly to the appropriate stakeholders. He always follows up and follows through to achieve project timelines. He asks the appropriate level of questions from his team members and values their input and perspective. He also volunteers for complex and time-consuming projects, seeking new opportunities to challenge himself and advance his professional development.

Always Praiseworthy

Ryan Beauchemin approaches all situations with a positive spirit and as an opportunity to provide a valued solution. He’s driven by challenges and motivated to deliver effective business results. He never complains that a task is too difficult or requires extensive work. Ryan continues to learn about the industry and aspires to continue his personal and professional growth.

Ryan’s manager Dan Sage, Area Automation Manager, had this to say about him: “I have much respect and admiration for this exceptional young man. He is a person who others enjoy working with daily. Ryan’s ability to address every situation in a positive manner is infectious. He never comes across as defeated, even in some of the most difficult situations.”