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What an exceptional year for The Connected Knowledge Blog! Overall, we saw a 40% increase in readership from last year, which tells us that our posts are addressing your concerns, solving your problems, and helping you do your jobs better – and that’s always been the goal. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our posts just as much as we’ve enjoyed writing them.

Now, as we come into the final month of 2022, here are some of the most-viewed new blog posts from this year and the ones you keep coming back to year-over-year.

Top 5 New Blog Posts of 2022

IDMZ blog post image

What is an IDMZ?

Eric Half – 2/1/2022

You may have heard of a DMZ (demilitarized zone) for networks, but are you familiar with the term IDMZ (industrial demilitarized zone)? If you work in an industrial setting, an IDMZ might be the cybersecurity component you need to protect your employees and your productivity.


Studio 5000 blog post image

Selecting the Right Studio 5000 Edition

Austin Desmond – 2/15/22

When it comes to Studio 5000® PLC programming software from Rockwell Automation®, making the best selection can be confusing, which can leave you feeling frustrated. To alleviate this headache, our goal today is to help break down the software selection process for Rockwell Automation’s “Logix” controllers. Both the CompactLogix™ PLCs and ControlLogix® PLC’s fall under this category. 


FactoryTalk Logix Echo blog post image

5 Reasons to Try FactoryTalk Logix Echo

Joe Amorese – 3/8/22

Working from anywhere is becoming a norm in these COVID times, even as the pandemic wanes. FactoryTalk® Logix Echo emulation software from Rockwell Automation® for ControlLogix® 5580 controllers offers a convenient way to save time during prototyping, design, and testing anywhere. Let’s look at some reasons to give it a try.


Ecosystem award blog post image

Horizon Solutions Wins the Ecosystem Award

Horizon Solutions – 3/31/22

This award honors the achievement of organizations that plan and implement transformative solutions by applying digital and disruptive Rockwell Automation technologies. Several awards were given to distributors, system integrators, and technology partners, culminating with the Ecosystem award presentation.


Fall protection blog post image

3 Reasons to Prioritize Fall Protection in Your Workplace

Horizon Solutions – 9/7/22

According to OSHA, falls are among the most common causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths. In fact, OSHA requires, among other things, that employers train workers about job hazards “in a language they can understand.” The last thing any of us wants is for someone to fall and get hurt and cause lasting effects for the employee and the company.


Top 5 Overall Blogs of 2022

VLANs blog post image

VLANs: Why Do I Need Them?

Ryan Shenk – 2/7/19

Most people have heard of a LAN or Local Area Network; a network you may have in your home to connect your laptops, cell phones, etc. Every device is part of the same LAN, also referred to as a network or subnet. The network traffic typically is all handled by a single device that performs several functions: wireless access point, Internet router, NAT (Network Address Translation), and Ethernet switch.


Dynamic braking resistors blog post image

Basic Rules for Dynamic Braking Resistors

Scott Savage – 3/10/20

Since the first industrial revolution (1760-1840), manufacturers have needed to start and stop loads of various sizes. Loads rarely stay at a constant speed, and they don’t stay at rest for long periods. In this present fourth industrial revolution and with the advent of smart manufacturing, variable frequency drives (VFDs) enhance the process in most manufacturing applications. Cycle time is much shorter, and braking needs to be less mechanical and more electronic. Dynamic braking with VFDs allows long life without mechanical wear on the braking system. In fact, it is very economical, and no downtime maintenance is required. 


Drive Modernization Part 5 blog post image

Drive Modernization Part V: PowerFlex 700 to PowerFlex 750

Scott Savage – 1/20/21

This blog will cover Allen-Bradley® architect drives modernization from the PowerFlex® 750 series drives that will supersede the PowerFlex 700 series platform. This is the fifth blog in a series of AC drive modernization literature to help assist you to migrate your drives forward.


Improve workplace safety blog post images

6 Ways to Improve Workplace Safety

Horizon Solutions – 8/13/19

From protecting employees from harm to improving safety to promoting a program, a safety-first mindset is critical to success. At Horizon Solutions, our safety commitment shows; it’s threaded through our blog, it’s demonstrated in our trainings, and it’s realized through the safety measures we help our customers take. We know that it’s about more than masks and machine parts or even compliance—it’s about the culture.


Choosing a Servo Motor Brake blog post image

Choosing a Servo Motor Brake

Chris Williams – 4/6/21

There are a number of types of servo motor brakes and choosing the right one depends on your needs. In this blog, we’ll look at some of those types.


Thank you to all our readers for making this another year of successful information sharing. We’re grateful to have the opportunity to provide valuable insights to you. And thank you to our on-staff subject matter experts for taking the time to share their knowledge.

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