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300 Blogs

It’s a big day for the Connected Knowledge Blog here at Horizon Solutions. We hit 300 blogs! When we launched the blog back in April of 2016, we were so excited to start down this knowledge-sharing path. Over the course of five years, we’ve covered a wide variety of topics—and we’ve consistently grown our readership. 

Whether you’re new to our blog or you missed a few posts here and there, this retrospective will help you get caught up.

Safety Blogs

Safety is a topic that spans every industry, making this one of the more popular content segments for us. Without the sage advice of our Safety Specialists, Qualified Safety Sales Professionals (QSSP), and OSHA-Certified Trainers, we could not have hit this 300 blogs milestone. Top topics include:

Improving Workplace Safety – Everyone wants to do better, and we’re glad to see that concept applies to safety. For years now, “6 Ways to Improve Workplace Safety” has been the most popular blog on our website.

Workplace Safety Tips – Our readers know we have a lot of great advice to give, and our content on this topic goes beyond “5 Workplace Safety Tips.” We also created a downloadable Prevention & Safety Guide.

Prevention and Safety Guide

Fall Prevention & Protection – Slips, trips, and falls account for nearly a third of all workplace injuries and over a third of workplace fatalities, making fall prevention and protection one of our top safety concerns. From avoiding fall hazards to working at height, over a half-dozen of our 300 blogs are devoted to covering fall safety topics. And we also have a downloadable Fall Safety Guide.

Fall Safety Guide

Electrical Safety – When it comes to safety hazards, uncontrolled energy accounts for a shocking number of injuries and deaths each year. Our electrical safety content covers arc flash safety compliance, extension cords, and much more.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – When exposure to potential hazards can’t be avoided, PPE can save lives and limbs. From eye protection to hearing protection to working in the cold to gear for women, we cover a wide variety of topics.

Automation Blogs

We would not have gotten to 300 blogs without our rotation of in-house automation experts. By far, this is where most of our content is right now. Our readers keep coming, visiting the same posts over and over, to consume our content about everything from networks to servos to safety sensors and much more. Top topics include:

Industrial Networks – As the IIoT (Internet of Industrial Things) continues to grow with more and more connected devices, the threat to cybersecurity continues to grow along with it, industrial networking one of our most popular topics. We have over a dozen blogs to offer, covering everything from demystifying networking acronyms to cybercrime to network switches and much more. We even have The ABCs of Industrial Networks, a downloadable eBook.

Industrial Networks

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) – Kevin Beach’s immensely popular VFD series put our blog on the map. From his first post back in 2016 to his most recent contribution in 2021, Kevin’s eight blogs on VFDs attract readers every day, and his contributions are in the top ten of all our 300 blogs.

VFD eBook

Motion Control – From control theory to inertia ration to safe stopping as well as all things servo, our motion control experts have contributed many of our most popular posts. We also offer a downloadable Motion Control Fundamentals Guide.

Motion Control Fundamentals

Control Panels & Enclosures – The brains of most automation operations are in control panels, protected by properly rated enclosures. Our control panel best practices post from 2018 always ranks in the top ten for most visited blog pages. We also have informative blogs covering design, terminal blocks, best practices for enclosures, and more. And you can download our Control Panel & Enclosure Guide.

Control Panels and Enclosure Guide

Drive Modernization – In more recent years, Scott Savage has emerged as one of our most popular automation bloggers, and his drive modernization series is incredibly popular—with multiple posts featuring in our weekly top-eight listing.

Energy Blogs

With climate change frequently in the news and companies trying to conserve energy and lower utility costs, our Energy Services division is in demand. We’re growing our content in the energy segment of our blog, and we hope the next 300 blogs we post contain plenty of valuable information on energy topics. Our top energy blogs include:

EV Charging Stations – With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, more and more companies, municipalities, and property owners are looking for ways to address their charging needs. Our “10 FAQs: Electric Vehicles and EV Charging Stations” offers answers to many of our customers’ questions. We also offer a downloadable EV Charger Guide.

EV Charger Guide

Lighting – Upgrading the lighting in your facilities to LEDs lowers energy bills, improves safety, and much more—all with a quick return on investment. You can learn about all 15 benefits of switching to LED light with our downloadable eBook, The Brilliance of LED Light.

LED Guide

Incentives – Did you know there are rebate and incentive programs to help you offset the cost of energy upgrades? Our energy blog provides information on some of these programs.

Electrical & Industrial Blogs

Though the electrical and industrial segments of our blog aren’t as big as safety, automation, and energy, we hope to change that as we start on the journey to our next 300 blogs. Currently, we have some great posts available. Popular topics include:

Cutting Tools – Our in-house cutting-tool experts have written several blogs covering aluminum milling, indexable drilling, CNC lathes, and stainless-steel cutting. We also have a blog on the importance of finding the right tool for the job.

Innovative Electrical Products – From thermography to absence of voltage testers to the latest electrical innovations in the IoT (Internet of Things), our blog has you covered.

We Can Help!

If our 300 blogs teach you anything, it should be that our team of experts is here to help. Visit our blog each week for the latest post. If you have questions not answered currently, don’t wait for us to get to it—contact us today!