Support Local Manufacturers

| Matt Anderson

Support Local Manufacturers

Our Local Employees Supporting our Local Customers

Today we want to take a step back from the particulars of sensors, end mills, junction boxes, and hard hats. We want to look at what it means to be a distributor and what it means to support your customers. We often hear phrases that sound like this “buy local,” “support your local farmer,” and “remember your local shop owner.” As a company and as individuals, Horizon Solutions believes you can support your local manufacturer by purchasing their products and brands.

As A Company, Buy Local

Horizon Solutions is a distributor of industrial, electrical and automation products and solutions that are recognized in North America and around the world. When our customers succeed, we succeed. To that end, (1) we put our best experience and expertise to making your manufacturing and processes cost-effective and efficient, and (2) whenever possible, we purchase the products and finished goods you create.

#1. Experience and Knowledge 

Horizon Solutions adds value in the form of vendor managed inventory, specialist support to assist with design and troubleshooting, lighting design and energy audits, emergency hot-line for after-hours support. We strive to become more than just another vendor to our customers, we want to be their business partner. We want to be part of what makes them successful. We help them reduce their electricity usage so that they can invest that money in becoming more productive and competitive. We enjoy helping design that new pick and place machine with state-of-the-art safety systems to protect workers. We don’t mind helping to troubleshoot that VFD that has intermittent faults so that you can reduce unnecessary and costly downtime. These are just some of the things we do.

#2. We Practice What We Preach 

Whenever possible, Horizon Solutions will “buy local.” From beer to batteries, to blueberries we know what our customers are making in their factories and we prefer to buy from them over other options. That could be as simple as making sure we pick up a certain local brand of bottled water for our next training event. You can also support your local manufacturer by purchasing their products and brands.

As Individuals, Buy Local

As Horizon employees and individuals outside of work, we need to support our customers that provide consumer products by purchasing their brands. When at the market we may pay a little more for a Chinet® paper plate. Some may question, “Is it worth it?” When you’re at a picnic and you’ve loaded that plate up with BBQ, salads, fruit, and snacks, you’ll have the confidence that the strength and durability (this is the added value) was worth the slightly higher price you paid at the market.

As a distributor, Horizon Solutions is not always the low-price leader. However, our customers realize the value add and knowledge we bring to the table more than offsets any price difference. As consumers, we realize a similar trend. “Maybe I could purchase this thing for $X.50 less from Brand XYZ” or… “Maybe I could buy this thing from a company I know and respect that made it 5 miles down the road from me.”

The same can be said for many of the products that our customers make available to us as consumers: Barber Foods®, B&M® Baked Beans, Hancock Lumber™, HP Hood®, Irving Forest Products, Country Kitchen® Bakery, McCain Foods®, Oakhurst Dairy®, and Procter & Gamble®. These are just some of our customers where we strive to be a trusted partner. Although Horizon Solutions supports many customers just like these from Bangor to Buffalo… I’m focusing on my local brands from where I was born and raised, the state of Maine.

A Long Local History

To recognize our 100th year in Maine, Horizon Solutions was featured in the Fact Book: Doing Business in Maine published by Mainebiz  — read the full story in the July 30th, 2018 issue.

Horizon Solutions Maine Magazine

Buy Local!

The more business a local manufacturer has, the more frequently local jobs are created, which in turn allows for more local spending and profit. Purchase those products that are made by your peers and those you do business with every day. The companies they work for have the same challenges that you have. The more products they sell, the more successful they’ll be, the longer they’ll be around and the more local people they’ll employ. Many of these people are your family, friends, and neighbors.