5 Ways LEDs Save Money

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Energy Efficiency is Just the Beginning

Making energy improvements like lighting upgrades create a domino effect, with additional benefits spreading throughout the organization—all directly impacting the bottom line. This post focuses on five ways that LEDs save money.

Saving money is the most popular reason to switch to LEDs. But lowering energy costs is just one way that lighting upgrades reduce operating expenses.

5 Ways LEDs Save Money

  1. LEDs last much longer than fluorescents. Therefore, they DO NOT have to be replaced as frequently. If you’re dealing with frequent lamp, ballast, or fixture outages, it is time to consider LED lighting technology.
  2. Focus on uptime and productivity. Let maintenance focus on keeping critical equipment properly maintained NOT on lights. And more comfortable lighting levels reduce headaches and absenteeism.
  3. Decrease administrative costs. LEDs significantly reduce short-term maintenance costs and eliminate the need to buy and store large supplies of lamps.
  4. LEDs increase safety and reduce injuries. LEDs reduce common workplace hazards – and workers’ comp claims – keeping employees safer. And because they don’t transmit heat, they don’t cause burns.
  5. Lower carbon footprint = lower TCO. Environmentally friendly LEDs consume less energy, reducing costs. Industrial users can lower electrical lighting costs by up to 80% by upgrading their lighting systems.

I just wanted to let you know that, after seeing two months of electricity invoices, we have seen a savings of $1,496 the first month and $1,358 the second month. These numbers are even higher than the projected savings of $1,101 that was stated in your analysis. Thank you for all your help and effort on this lighting project, it was a great success.

— President & Chief Operating Officer
Frozen, Refrigerated & Dry Storage Company
Horizon Solutions Customer

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