Getting Started With an LED Retrofit

| Mark Fowler

LED Retrofit

High Bay Fluorescent to LED Lighting

LED lighting technology is energy-efficient and rapidly developing. LED lighting systems last longer, are more durable, and offer better light quality than outmoded types of lighting. This blog post will look into one specific easy fix, retrofitting your four-foot and eight-foot-high bay fluorescent luminaires to LED. We’ll get started with a quick before and after look of an LED retrofit!

Before: Fluorescent

LED retrofit Before: six-lamp T8 lightingThis was a HIF (high-intensity fluorescent) fixture. They are typically used in high-bay or low-bay applications. Pictured is a six-lamp fixture, using T8 lamps. This facility also had installed some four-lamp fixtures, using type T5HO lamps.

  • High BF (ballast factor)
  • For the six-lamp T8 = 218 watt
  • For the four-lamp T5HO = 232 watt
  • This lighting system was on 2 shift operation
  • Five days per week, estimated 4160 annual hours
  • The cost of electricity is $0.13 cost per kWh

After: LED Retrofit

After: LED retrofitThe old fixture was replaced with a High Bay LRK four-foot LED Retrofit Kit. This kit includes four EVERLINE® LED modules/light bars, an LED EVERLINE driver, wiring, mounting hardware, and installation instructions. Upon successful installation:

  • Energy Savings – T8 went from 218 watts to 89 watts; $70 savings per year per fixture
  • Energy Savings – T5HO went from 232 watts to 89 watts; $77 savings per year per fixture

That’s a quick down and dirty look by the energy efficiency numbers. The dollars and cents. Why else was this project considered an “Easy Fix”? Two reasons:

  1. No redesign or revised layout needed
  2. Quick and straightforward to install

These high bay LED retrofit kits are a great solution for industrial areas, warehouse spaces, back rooms, and more. They’re compatible with most existing controls, contact your Horizon specialist for details. These kits are a great fit for the areas that aren’t quite front and center for lighting, but still a fine opportunity for improved lighting – and the energy savings that come with it! LED lighting typically provides a very attractive ROI (return on investment) and ROC (return on capital).

Beyond the Dollars and Cents

Horizon Solutions has been privileged to install more than a few of these high bay LED retrofit kits and here are some of the reasons that end-users have made the switch:

  1. Fewer lamp changes, less work for the maintenance department
  2. Mitigation of glass and mercury in your environment
  3. Improved light levels, quality and color rendering
  4. Seven-year limited warranty *
  5. Incentives / Rebates from local utility providers **
  6. And of course, the ROI $$$s from a reduced annual energy usage

LED Light Benefits

*Warranty: Seven-year limited warranty applies specifically to High Bay LRK 4-foot LED Retrofit Kits from Everline and Universal Lighting Technologies. Other retrofit kits may carry a different warranty.

**Incentive: One example would be (as of 10/30/2017) a $100 rebate from Efficiency Maine Business Program for this retrofit kit, subject to approval.

High Bay LRK Four-foot LED Retrofit Kit

This post started by talking about high bay LED retrofit kits in general, and our examples got specific. Want more information about the specific kit we used in our calculations?


  • Color temp options available: 3500K, 4000K, 5000K


  • Available as 120-277VAC
  • Equipped with 0-10V dimmable LED driver to 1%
  • LED system efficacies exceeding 140 LPW


  • UL Classified UL1598C (US & Canada)
  • FCC Title 47 CFR, Part 15, Class A
  • RoHS Compliant, contains no lead or mercury
  • DesignLights Consortium® Premium qualified

For more information on LED retrofits, contact us today!