Ready for a New Energy Upgrade Project?

| Michael Pace

I’ve already upgraded my lighting. What's next?

Lighting upgrades are a simple, easy way to save energy and money. This is why they often lead the retrofit list in energy improvement projects. But what if you’ve already upgraded the lighting in your facility? Energy upgrade projects don't stop at lighting. Now you're ready to take the next step in decreasing your energy consumption, saving more money, and further improving your bottom line. Don’t know where to begin for your next energy project focus? Whether you own a small business or run an industrial plant, or manage a property, unique energy improvements exist in your industry that can take you to the next level.

Optimize Generator Warming

Universities and schools are knowledge centers where students are continually learning and developing their skills for the future. Strict and tough curriculum means there’s no room for downtime. While larger facility buildings have backup generators to keep systems operational in the event of a power outage, in order for these to work, the generator must be kept warm so it can start instantaneously when needed. To keep the generator warm, an electric heater of 6,000 or 9,000 watts may be used. Instead of using electric heat, a much more efficient option is to install a heat pump.  Your generator will still kick in, in the event you need it, and you’ll experience significant savings to the site.

Modernize Dated Buildings

Preserving historic and older buildings can be a challenge and labor of love.  Out of date fixtures and technology often makes operating costs financially demanding. By replacing aging boilers with condensing boiler technology, and installing control systems to monitor and manage heating and cooling from a central location, not only will your properties be much more comfortable, but these solutions will also deliver substantial energy savings to decrease overall operating costs and increase revenue.

Upgrade Wastewater Facilities

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) blower systems are an important component of wastewater treatment facilities. All wastewater plants need to provide oxygen to the bugs that help breakdown the waste. DO blowers are not only one of the loudest pieces of equipment, but they also require massive amounts of power and energy to operate. How is it done? Upgrade a DO blower with an advanced blower that has VFD (variable frequency drive) technology to help cut down on overall energy consumption in the plant. Not only will you see the benefit in monthly savings on energy bills, but you'll also notice the new equipment is much quieter. So quiet, you could have a conversation right next to the blower!

Upgrades for Manufacturing

For many manufacturing and warehousing facilities, energy costs are among the biggest line items on their profit and loss statements. Time is money and its important energy improvement projects are implemented with little to no impact on production. Beyond lighting upgrades in a factory setting, replacing air handler units and standard efficiency motors with VFD (variable frequency drives) and VFD rated premium efficiency motors, along with replacing electric duct heaters with hot water coils, can yield huge benefits for lowering the business bottom line and cutting operating expenses.

Ready to Reap the Benefits of Greener Energy?

If you're considering an energy upgrade project but don't know where to start, we can help. We have an entire Energy Services division, helping customers reduce energy consumption and lower costs. Contact us today. 

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