Resolve to Save with a New Year Energy Audit

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Energy Audit

As a business owner welcoming a new year, you are likely looking for ways to improve cash flow. An energy audit, or an energy assessment as we commonly refer to them, is a great way to start reducing your energy costs. Energy audits help you make informed energy decisions and implement energy-efficiency strategies. Assessments identify economically viable improvements that yield substantial annual energy savings.

What Does the Energy Audit Process Include?

  1. A trained energy assessor will visit your business to uncover savings opportunities by evaluating the building’s construction, its heating and cooling systems, insulation, lighting, water heating, windows and doors, and more.
  2. Following your assessment, you will receive a detailed report outlining recommended projects, paybacks, and rebates available.
  3. Consider our recommendations and choose which projects you’d like to complete.
  4. Move forward with the selected projects by contacting Horizon Solutions.
  5. Collect incentives from utility partners in your area to realize faster paybacks on your efficiency project. Don’t worry – we’ll do all the work here and find you the best programs that fit your projects for the highest return. We’ll even file the paperwork!
  6. Enjoy long-term savings on your energy program month after month, year after year.

Energy Audits Save Money

Simply put, energy efficiency saves money, here are some real-world examples.

Industrial Manufacturing Facility: Lytron, Inc. specializes in custom liquid cooling systems, and designs and manufactures cold plates, chassis, chillers, cooling spraying systems, and heat exchanges. The manufacturing facility operates (2), 9-hour shifts Monday – Friday, and a 6-hour shift on Saturday. The 112,790-square-foot facility uses electricity for lighting, cooling, and various plug loads, and natural gas for space and domestic hot water heating.

The energy audit showed significant improvements could be made in the Makeup Air Unit (MAU), VFD and motor replacements, and lighting. After pursuing the energy audit findings and completing the energy upgrade project, Lytron was able to cut their annual energy costs by $83,912 and reduce their energy consumption by 314,332 kWh.

Large City Church: St. Charles Church is one of the largest churches in the western Massachusetts area. With a makeup of three buildings totaling approximately 27,000 square feet, an energy audit found that the buildings were filled many outdated, high wattage bulbs, attributing to unnecessary and high energy costs. Even with low operating hours, upgrading to highly-efficient, LED lighting yielded significant savings in energy costs. The church saved nearly 74,040 in kWh which resulted in an energy savings of over $1,050 a month!

Small Manufacturer: KlearVu Corporation is a small business manufacturer of chair pads and rocker sets. The factory is in operation 5 days a week. After an energy audit was conducted, findings showed significant energy reductions could be made in VFD and motor replacements, hot water coil installation, and lighting upgrades. The 170,000-square foot building cut its annual energy consumption by 591,660 kWh, a cost reduction of $94,025.

The project resulted in clean, bright light evenly distributed for enhanced visibility, essential for working with fabrics. Employees have commented on the bright light adding to their comfort in their working environment. The installation of variable frequency drives and new energy-efficient motors is largely unnoticed by employees, but important for the bottom line, as utility electric rates have increased by over 30% since the installation.

Let an Energy Audit Improve Your Financial Success

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