FAQ: Virtual Coaching

| Anita O'Brien

Virtual Coaching

My customers sometimes ask, “Why can’t I just have a virtual visit with an expert to get my team up to speed on [insert topic]?” And now, I have good news for them. They can absolutely get the support they’re looking for—it’s called virtual coaching. This new service from Rockwell Automation® gives teams convenient access to experts.

This service is particularly helpful now that social distancing is our new normal. Virtual coaching is a custom, flexible support option that is conveniently available wherever you need it—all you need is an Internet connection.

Your Questions Answered

I have had many customers ask for virtual coaching before it was available. Customers like you asked, and Rockwell Automation listened.

Often the customers looking for this service already have formal training or many years of experience, but they would love to discuss their unique application or a single topic with an expert. In this post, we’ll dive into the follow-up questions customers have about virtual coaching.

#1. Is virtual coaching the same as training?

No, these sessions are meant for your team’s individual needs. They are not a set curriculum with hands-on sessions using workstations. Instructor-led training and e-Learning options are best for anyone who needs training. If hands-on training is something you would prefer, we offer private training classes that can be customized and held at your facility.

#2. How long are the sessions?

You can set up a meeting for a four- or eight-hour session with up to six of your team members to discuss specific scenarios, expand your technical expertise, or even follow up on questions you may have had after attending an e-learning course. All sessions are scheduled around your availability.

#3. What types of subject matter experts are available?

We offer experts in motion, drives, Logix, safety, visualization, and networking. Each full- or half-day session is tailored to your company’s and team’s specific needs.

#4. Do prices vary based on the subject matter?

Four- and eight-hour sessions have fixed prices for up to six people. The prices do no change based on the virtual coaching your team needs.

#5. Can I combine topics?

Virtual coaching is designed to be a discussion with the expert on a specific topic. The expert may be able to answer some additional questions, but each session is intended for one-on-one interaction with an expert on a particular subject.

#6. How soon can I schedule a session?

Typically, we need two weeks after receiving your purchase order to schedule your virtual coaching session. However, if your individual needs require a sooner timeframe, we will check availability.

#7. What if I must reschedule?

If you supply 24-hours’ notice, you will not be charged.

#8. Can I split up the hours onto multiple days?

Virtual coaching sessions are either four or eight contiguous hours. If you need to split your time into two half-day sessions, you should purchase two four-hour sessions.

Still Have Virtual Coaching Questions?

Whether you need help with a particular issue or need to bounce ideas off an expert to find new solutions, virtual coaching can help. We’re an Authorized Distributor, and our Automation Specialists are here to answer your questions and help you find ways this new service can benefit your team. Contact us today!