Maximize TechConnect with Training Advisor

| Michael Martinson

Training Advisor

Training Advisor: What is it, how it works, and more

There are many tools associated with a TechConnect Support Contract that some customers may not be aware of. With a rapidly aging workforce and ever-changing automation technology, it’s more critical than ever that companies have a plan in place to develop and build knowledge from within. This post will take a closer look at Training Advisor and how it can help you and your team accomplish exactly that. So, what is Training Advisor? It is an online assessment tool that provides the following:

  • Expert Online Knowledge Assessment Tool
  • Tailored Assessments based on technology and associated job tasks
  • Report results and identifies skill gaps for specific individuals or a group of employees with similar job functions
  • Provides a curriculum map for classroom training(s) based on the assessment

This post will discuss what types of technology are covered, what an assessment result looks like, and how you can start building a roadmap for workforce development.

What types of technology does Training Advisor cover?

The online assessment tool provides meaningful testing and easy to interpret results, specific to your business. Users are able to build their own assessments based on their specific installed base of products, such as ControlLogix® PLC or PowerFlex® drives. Below are some examples of the various product assessments that you’ll be able to design assessments for:

  • Controllers: ControlLogix Controllers/ RSLogix® 5000 Software, PLC-5 Processors/ RSLogix 5 Software, and SLC 500 Processors/ RSLogix 500 Software
  • Networks: DeviceNet Networks, ControlNet Networks, Ethernet/IP Networks, and FOUNDATION Fieldbus Networks
  • Motion Control: Motion Fundamentals and Kinetix 6000 Servo Drives/ RSLogix 5000 Software
  • Drives Control: Drives Fundamentals, 1336 PLUS Drives, PowerFlex DC Drives, PowerFlex 755 Drives, and PowerFlex 700 Vector Control Drives
  • Safety: Safety Practices and Electrical Code, GuardLogix Controllers, and Guard PLC Controllers
  • Visualization: PanelView® Plus Terminals/ FactoryTalk View ME, FactoryTalk® View SE Software, PanelView Terminals/ PanelBuilder 32 Software, and RSView 32 Software
  • Process: Process Basics, Process Control/ RSLogix 5000 Software, Process Systems, Batch Applications, and FOUNDATION Fieldbus Networks
  • General Industrial: Electrical Systems and Pneumatic Systems

Training Advisor assessment results

As testing is completed by each employee or group of employees, your company will have access to the detailed assessment results. As you can see with the sample below, this provides a holistic view of each employee and measures competence and knowledge, as well as, confidence. Results show those employees with the greatest skills gap, along with those with the most knowledge for any potential mentoring programs. By utilizing Training Advisor, you’ll have the ability to quickly determine who needs what type of training in order to develop a plan moving forward.

Training Advisor Color Code

Example 1; Screenshot of Training Advisor

  • Green indicates knowledge level meets specified requirements
  • Yellow indicates some knowledge but below specified requirements
  • Red indicates minimal or no knowledge based on specified requirements

Building a roadmap for workforce development.

Based on the assessment results, Training Advisor will also provide a training roadmap to enable strategic planning around workforce development. Based on these results, you can now have impactful conversations with both your employees and your local Horizon Solutions Training Specialist to determine the most meaningful path forward.

Training Advisor Curriculum Map

Example 2; Screenshot of a Training Curriculum Map.

This illustrates a live/dynamic web page that will give the user the ability to click on a recommended course, which will then open a detailed PDF that will list the specific training tasks covered. Utilizing Training Advisor and the many reporting features helps to remove the guesswork when planning a workforce development program. 

Getting started with Training Advisor

This post was a 20,000ft view of what we can accomplish for training and online assessments. If your company is interested in learning more about the specific details of Training Advisor please reach out to your local Horizon Solutions Account Manager or Services Specialist, contact our team today.