TechED San Diego 2018: Post-Event Summary

| Chris Williams

TechEd San Diego 2018

This is part two of two. You can read part one here

What we did in San Diego! The city and the sights.

TechED San Diego 2018Hello all. Back in mid-June, I attended the 2018 Rockwell Automation TechED event. In this post, I will share some of what I learned as well as some pictures of the time spent in San Diego. Rockwell Automation TechED is an annual event. It is typically held in either San Diego or Orlando, alternating locales. It is a full week of training opportunities ranging from beginner to advanced level content. The training opportunities are focused (mostly, but not exclusively) on factory automation and process control and include hands-on labs, technical sessions, and more.

What is TechED? What can I expect at the event?

The TechEd event is a full week of training. Marcia already covered some of the training course highlights in her own blog post. Read her post (Part 1) here. Many users may be familiar with the Automation Fair event. TechED isn’t quite the same as Automation Fair. At TechED, the training classes tend to be a “deeper” level of technical content. Also, TechED focuses almost entirely on the suite of software, solutions, and products from Rockwell Automation.

Should I attend TechED?

You should consider attending the TechED event in 2019 if you focus on the following:

  • TechED San Diego 2018 TrainingVisualization
  • Motion Control
  • Information & Analytics
  • Networks
  • Process
  • Safety & Security
  • System
  • Technology & Services

Are you thinking about attending TechED in 2019?

The 2019 Rockwell Automation TechED will be held June 2nd through 7th in Orlando, Florida.