TechED 2018: Post-Event Summary

| Marcia Pohl

TechED 2018

This is part one of two. You can read part two here

A week full of training, education, and learning opportunities

Welcome to TechED 2018 HotelHello all. Last week I attended the 2018 Rockwell Automation® TechED Event. In this post, I will share some of what I learned as well as some pictures of the time spent in San Diego. Chris will be covering some of what we did in San Diego as well as sharing pictures from TechED 2018 in his own blog post.

What is TechED?

Rockwell Automation TechED is an annual event. It is typically held in either San Diego or Orlando, alternating locales. It is a full week of training opportunities ranging from beginner to advanced level content. The training opportunities are focused (mostly, but not exclusively) on factory automation and process control and include hands-on labs, technical sessions, and more.

Should you attend TechED?

You should consider attending the TechED event in 2019 if you focus on the following:

  • TechED 2018Visualization
  • Control
  • Information & Analytics
  • Networks
  • Process
  • Motion Control
  • Safety & Security
  • System
  • Technology & Services

What can you expect at TechED?

The TechEd event is a full week of training. Many users may be familiar with the Automation Fair® event. TechED isn’t quite the same as Automation Fair. Whereas Automation Fair has lots of trade show booths, demos, exhibits, and shorter “top-level” training classes – TechED tends to have the “deeper” level training classes. Not better or worse, just a different user experience.

To help get a better feel of what gets discussed at TechED, here are three training classes I attended and some notes for each. This is the “Technical Stuff”. For each course, I tried to include (1) a key takeaway, (2) a specific follow up to do in the field, and (3) a question I had or heard at the event. If appropriate, this post also includes (4) the answer to that question.

Course VZ09 – How to Improve Plant Operations through Better HMI Graphics

  • Key Takeaway: Yes, we want our HMI graphics to look nice, but… it’s not about looking nicer. Making your plant safer and more efficient is the goal; however, perception is key!
  • Specific Field Note: Discuss the similarities and differences as relates to ISA 101 standards.
  • Question: Does Rockwell have a philosophy and style guide document that can be used and modified by end-users?
  • Answer: Yes, such a document exists.
  • Want to learn more? Check out the VZ09 presentation from TechED here. 78 pages, 8MB file size.

Course TS09 – Leveraging your Digital Footprint for Better Asset Performance and Uptime

  • Key Takeaway: Downtime is the focus. You don’t want downtime, we don’t want you to have downtime. It doesn’t matter if your machine is optimized if it’s not running.
  • Specific Field Note: Predictive Maintenance as a Service (PMaaS). The applications that crunch data are “owned” by Rockwell Automation and will remain in Rockwell’s cloud.
  • Question: How are the predictive models created?
  • Answer: The models are created based on the data collected and client feedback. It’s the context of the information that allows Rockwell to build the predictive model.
  • Want to learn more? Check out the TS09 presentation from TechED here. 40 pages, 3MB file size.

Course PR07 – Deploy and Manage a Virtualized PlantPAx System

  • Key Takeaway: Computer virtualization continues to grow in popularity in the industrial sector. Virtual machines (VMs) provide easier access to remote process applications, save on resources, and extend system life. Using the free library of objects developed, maintained and supported by Rockwell Automation can easily reduce operator training and maintenance costs.
  • Specific Field Note: Time-saving, pre-configured templates, see page 15 of the guide. Reference *PlantPAx® Virtualization / User Manual
  • Question: When is the next release for the Plant PAx objects?
  • Answer: This Summer!
  • Want to learn more? Check out the PR07 presentation from TechED here. 35 pages, 4MB file size.

Are you thinking about attending TechED in 2019?

The 2019 Rockwell Automation TechED event will be held June 2nd through 7th in Orlando, Florida.