Subject Matter Expert Interview: Scott Savage

| Horizon Solutions

Scott Savage by the water

Tell us About Your Role at Horizon Solutions

The best way to describe a sales specialist role is there is a team of individuals who specialize in different automation sectors:

  • Gadget-type specialists with knowledge of 1000s of products
  • Motion specialists with great moving accuracy
  • PLC specialists operating the intelligence of the automation system
  • Services specialists getting solutions to our customers using Rockwell Engineers and materials

I am the power specialist – the person who deals with the drives for all applications and drives that control the speeds and torque of all the motors in all industries; the person who is composed of both electrical and mechanical aptitude to produce some wonderful solutions with our talented customers. Out of the entire specialist group, I am the 10,000-pound gorilla, who moves large objects.

Once the power solution is installed, Horizon Solutions’ specialist team is here after the sale. We all work together to make sure our solutions exceed expectations.  When I receive the phone call that you may need help with your drive, I make sure we get the right team together to get you back up and running as soon as we can! No one gets left behind.

I have seen a few things over the last 27 years in this role. I enjoy all our customers and wish to pass along any knowledge I can before I exit stage left – especially the tricky applications which may have caught a few by surprise!

I enjoy being the drives dummy of the specialist group, though – it is fun to play with large toys.

How Does the Work You do Make an Impact?

It is a challenging situation – sizing and choosing the right drive and helping people program the drive to perform properly is incredibly satisfying. Sometimes the commissioning is done remotely, and we never actually meet in person. 27 years of impact, and I truly believe everyone has prospered and benefited in both directions.

The impact will continue with accurate sizing, strong performance, and good technical strength from all of us here at Horizon Solutions.

Knowledge is power. If you need help with 3 phase power applications and need to move them, give me a call. Together we will make a difference.

What’s One Thing You Wish More People Knew About Horizon Solutions and the Work We Do?

Horizon Solutions has an emergency number for after-hours help: 866-258-6753. Also, for additional help check out the Resources page on the Horizon Solutions website.

Tell Us About Scott the Person - What Are Your Hobbies? What Do you Like Doing?

I love the outdoors and going to state parks – especially Cobscook Bay State Park.

Cobscook Bay State Park

I should have been on Cabin Masters! I bring old structures that can’t be raised without losing position to the water back to life. Jack it up and replace it all!

Scott working on a cabin

I also enjoy watercraft recreation. Rip it up! For all of you who enjoy the water – enjoy every moment you can!

Anything Else You’d Like to Add? Any Closing Thoughts?

During the pandemic, I covered the New York area as well as my regular customers in New England. I met many of you remotely through Zoom or Teams meetings. Thank you all!

Also, many of us learned how to send and receive troubleshooting instructions because I could not be there. It was a talent we all improved on rapidly (You know who you are, and a smile must be coming to your faces). Thank you all for your patience and your persistence through all of it. We prevailed and kept everything operating efficiently. God bless you all!

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