2020 Rockwell Automation Training Update

| Michael Martinson

Rockwell Automation Training Update

Over the past few months, both Rockwell Automation® and Horizon Solutions have seen several changes with our training. With 2020 upon us, I thought this would be a great time to make sure our readers and customers are aware of these changes with a Rockwell Automation training update. 


Last year marked a new era in self-paced training for Rockwell Automation and Horizon Solutions. As you may recall, our new e-learning series officially launched in April of 2019. It consisted of 14 courses, across six technologies. 

I’m excited to announce Rockwell Automation is planning to expand the course offering by adding an additional nine courses, which includes adding a seventh technology: process control. New e-learning courses will start to release in January of 2020, with CIP Motion Programming (CCN144-A) already available. All new 2020 courses are represented in the boxes below.

Rockwell Automation Training Update
Meeting Prerequisites

Additionally, Rockwell Automation is now accepting completed e-learning courses as pre-requisites towards the accelerated certificate courses for Studio 5000, specifically CCP250 and CCP300. Previously, the student would have been required to attend an instructor-led class prior to allowing them to register for these accelerated courses. The prerequisite for both states that students must complete at least one Studio 5000 class within the past two years. 

Purchasing Options

Lastly, we added one additional purchase option to the e-learning portfolio. Last year, we were limited to a 90-day fast pass for non-TechConnect customers, and this is still the case. This option provides a single user, access to an individual course for 90 days. However, for our TechConnect customers, we are now pleased to offer the following options:

Rockwell Automation Training Update Group User
Scheduled for release this year, Group User provides the entire e-learning library of courses for a period of up to one year, with a ten-user minimum. I’m excited about this added option because it offers another price point for our small to mid-sized end users, versus the existing 365-day Single User and Multi-User with a 50-user minimum. 

Instructor-Led Classes Are Going Green! 

Rockwell Automation has announced that student learning materials will begin transitioning to paperless starting in January of 2020. In previous years, Rockwell Automation would ship the student materials needed for each class with the hardware required, based on the number of student registrations entered. Moving forward, once a student registers for a class, they will be provided an email with links to all course materials needed. The digital platform will provide customers a modern experience and the ability to easily access their training materials (student guide, job aids, etc.) online, when and where they want it, even post-training (for one year).

New Ways to Register with Us

We have a new website, complete with new ways to sign up for Rockwell Automation training. View the training video below.

The instructions below provide a recap of the steps captured in the video.

See the Selection

Visit our classroom training page to see the courses that are currently available. 

Rockwell Automation Training Update Listing
When you see a course you’re interested in, click the title to learn more.

Rockwell Automation Training Update

Narrow Selection With Filters

Use the filtering options on the left-hand side of the screen to find courses by location, date, or topic.

Rockwell Automation Training Update Filter

Select from Available Sessions

Once you've clicked on a course, you’ll see its description and agenda. On the right-hand of your screen, you’ll see a “Sessions” box. Click the arrow to see the drop-down list of available sessions.

Rockwell Automation Training Update Sessions

View Session Details and Complete Registration Form

Now you’ll see more information before you register.

Rockwell Automation Training Update Registration

View Your Cart

Click “Cart” on the blue toolbar to see your selections. You have a number of options, including “Checkout.”

Rockwell Automation Training Update Cart


When it comes time to checkout, you have options. If you have an account, simply sign-in. If you don’t, you can request one. Having an account will help you keep track of your prior training.

You also have the option to checkout as a guest.

Rockwell Automation Update Checkout Quote

We Can Help!

If you would like more information on the Rockwell Automation training updates or our new website, we’re here to help. Contact us today!