Rockwell Automation Learning+

| Michael Martinson

Rockwell Automation Learning+
The Rapid Evolution of e-Learning

The past couple of years have been packed with excitement in regard to Rockwell Automation® online training classes. Launched in April of 2019, the Rockwell Automation e-Learning platform has been consistently expanding ever since. The initial course offering was limited to 14 class topics, across six technologies. Today, this offering has grown to 21 class topics, covering seven technologies with more scheduled to release by end of 2021. And the offering has a brand new name Rockwell Automation Learning+.

Coming soon in 2021

As we begin 2021, there are no plans to pause content creation for our online training students. In fact, Rockwell Automation has announced several key additions to what was formerly known as e-Learning. Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect in the months ahead. 

Rebranding to Rockwell Automation Learning+

First and foremost, as of February 1st e-Learning will become known as Rockwell Automation Learning+. So what the heck is Learning+, and why are we changing the terminology already? Well, in a nutshell, Rockwell Automation Learning+ is everything our customers have grown accustomed to with using our e-Learning online training solutions, plus more, hence the new branding to Learning+! 

Virtual Instructors

By far, the most exciting update to Rockwell Automation Learning+ is the addition of a virtual instructor to some of our most popular courses. For many years, our customers have been asking for this, and I’m extremely excited to say, we heard you loud and clear! Self-paced training was a giant step from the antiquated RSTrainer CD’s, allowing people to learn anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection. However, if students were having problems grasping course concepts, there was no one there to re-enforce or help them through problem areas and questions. Learning+ was launched on 2/1/2021 to solve that very issue. The first virtual classes will be held in early March. This allows any existing e-Learning/Learning+ subscribers to start scheduling these today.

As referenced on the course offering slide below, you’ll notice at the bottom of each course description several random-looking letters. Let me explain. Programming courses are represented by (P) and Maintenance/Troubleshooting courses with (M). Then we get into what languages are available for each course, all classes are available in English and many are accessible through Spanish (S), Portuguese (P), French (F), and finally German (G). Courses that are available with a virtual instructor are now designated with a (V). 

Rockwell Automation Learning+

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How will classes that offer a virtual instructor differ from the initial e-Learning? Very similar to our traditional e-Learning model, students will choose either a single course, an entire library of classes, or group licensing (as I mentioned in previous updates). Students can still choose to take the course at their own pace, but now you can also schedule an instructor-led session through the same training portal. These sessions are kept to a two-hour block of time and are offered three days a week, spanning roughly 11 classes over a three-month period, providing the highest probability of completion for even a 90-day single-course subscription. It’s never been easier for our customers to accomplish their training goals than with Rockwell Automation Learning+, whenever your schedule allows or wherever you are! 

2021 Planned Content Expansion

As 2021 develops, our customers can expect more classes with more virtual instructor options and even expanded language availability. By the end of 2021, Rockwell Automation Learning+ will have expanded to a total of 29 unique courses, spanning ten different industrial automation technologies. Whether you purchase today or already have an active e-Learning/Learning+ subscription, as new courses are released, they will also be added to your library of classes for immediate access. No need to wait; you can get started today! To learn more about Rockwell Automation Learning+ or other workforce development solutions, contact your local Horizon Solutions office or Account Manager!