What is PSUG?

| Marica Pohl

PSUG (Process Solutions User Group)

Process Solutions User Group (PSUG)

Gain greater insight into the latest process automation technologies at this interactive two-day event. PSUG is a unique opportunity to discover ways to achieve process automation excellence. PSUG is part of the larger Automation Fair® event presented by Rockwell Automation® every November.

PSUG addresses the production challenges you face every day through thought-provoking keynote speakers, customer success stories, and hands-on labs. Technical topics include control strategies, optimization, software, regulatory compliance, process safety and more. 

How Does PSUG Differ from the Automation Fair Event?

PSUG is part of the larger Automation Fair event, falling the Monday and Tuesday of the Automation Fair event week. While the Automation Fair event includes many labs, technical sessions, and workshops presented by experts from Rockwell Automation, PSUG includes many customer-led sessions. This means your peers will showcase key projects they have successfully executed, sharing ideas, innovative approaches, and best practices.

PSUG Session

These sessions detail the operational and/or technical in and outs of a project, exploring what the project accomplished and why that specific Rockwell Automation solution was implemented. Presenters will delve into the business challenges they faced before, during, and after the modernization or upgrade project. Not sure what the difference is between upgrade and modernize? Read this blog post to learn more.

Four Things You May Not Know About PSUG

  1. Learn from others. PSUG is a great opportunity for you to learn from what others have done to make your project even more of a success. You will hear project stories that you can take back to your team as best practices or in some cases “don’t do it this way” anecdotes. Both can provide tremendous value. Many of our past PSUG attendees have said learning from these real-world applications has made a significant difference in their business.
  2. Help explain Return on Investment (ROI) to your team. PSUG can also help you articulate the ROI of your project (or proposed project) to management. You will learn how and when a project can be done, what it costs and get a general idea of a timeline for completion.
  3. Get the most out of what you already have. If you are already an established user of Rockwell Automation products, PSUG can help you better understand what those products are and what they can really do for you. Many past attendees have said they learned something new about a product their plant already owns and uses. A physical piece of equipment you already own can be easily integrated into higher-level plant IT/OT concepts.
  4. Peer-to-peer networking. Much of what you learn at PSUG is presented by other process professionals, just like you. They come from a broad spectrum of industries, geographic areas, and represent numerous levels of responsibility. PSUG is a great place to network with other users and meet with experts from across the globe. The Automation Fair event and by extension PSUG is the only truly global event of its kind. PSUG gives you access to people you might not otherwise be able to sit with face-to-face. This includes Rockwell Automation product managers, executives, and engineers. We can help connect you with these key contacts during the event.

Attend the 2018 PSUG Event with Horizon Solutions

If you face an upcoming modernization project, consider attending the PSUG event, November 12th and 13th in Philadelphia. Horizon Solutions offers an event package to attend the PSUG and Automation Fair events.

Beyond the PSUG and Automation Fair® events themselves, attending with Horizon Solutions is a great way to connect and network with your regional peers, especially at our two evening hospitality events. You never know who you may meet or what you could learn from someone who is working on a similar equipment challenge or implementing a new process.