No-Touch Remanufacturing and Repair

| Ryan Beauchemin

No-Touch Remanufacturing and Repair

Keeping Your Plant Up and Running

Rockwell Automation Essential Services Remanufacturing and RepairDuring the current global situation, manufacturers are being challenged to keep their plant up and running and, in some cases, increase their total output all while keeping their employees safe and following local government occupancy restrictions. Our No-Touch Remanufacturing and Repair Services are designed with a seven-step proprietary process to help you accomplish this without compromising the safety of your workforce while respecting your facility’s current policies. We have also taken steps to ensure that you can request remanufacture and repair quotes online with an elegant user experience and a prompt response time.

No-Touch Remanufacturing and Repair Process

As you can see in the diagram below, Rockwell Automation® uses an ISO-certified comprehensive seven-step remanufacturing process that does not require an on-site visit or pick-up from a vendor. Upon submitting an order, you will be sent detailed shipping instructions to ship your part in for repair as well as an attached RMA to include in the box. This allows you to transact your repairs without having a vendor come in for pick up. 

The no-touch remanufacturing and repair process starts with receipt and verification; this is where the part is checked for a factory warranty. Once verified, the part is then completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned with an environmentally friendly cleaning process. Then the part is fitted with the newest firmware and hardware revisions. Using original OEM-specified components, the part is restored to its original condition or better with new marginal components to ensure longevity. Prior to final inspection, they run full-load testing and environmental testing. When the part passes all testing, it’s time for a final inspection, a new factory seal, and a warranty that matches or beats the original factory warranty. 

No-Touch Remanufacturing and Repair Process

No-Touch Remanufacturing Options

Rockwell Automation No-Touch Remanufacturing Options

Doing More, With Less! 

During this period of uncertainty, many maintenance managers are aiming to maintain or increase productivity to keep up with increased demand with fewer staff resources—talk about balancing acts! This can seem like an uphill battle, but quality remanufacturing can help level the playing field.

Making sure that you have reliable spares on the shelf (or a Parts Management Agreement) is key to keeping your plant up and running. Now, more than ever, is a perfect time to utilize quality remanufacturing services from Authorized Distributors to ensure your spares are reliable, like new, and are not coming into your plant from grey market sources outside of the United States.

Remanufacturing services are designed to increase your mean time between failure rates by restoring parts to new condition (rather than repairing something broken). This will lower your downtime events exponentially as each part gets remanufactured. And suppliers like Rockwell Automation offer turnaround times as low as 24 hours and with an exchange option as one of its service levels. By making sure your spares are reliable and available with next-day-air services, you can have confidence that your plant can maintain its productivity even while being short-staffed. 

Get a Remanufacture or Repair Quote Today! 

All of Rockwell Automation’s repair facilities across the country are currently still operating at full capacity and are prepared to assist with all your remanufacture and repair needs. If you were not already aware, I would like to inform you that you can sign up right now for your own online Rockwell Automation myRockwell account and start using this site right away. As the Asset Management Specialist at Horizon Solutions, I would suggest you sign up for this free account at My Rockwell Automation where you can submit repair quote requests—for both Allen Bradley® products and hundreds of other manufacturers as well. 

MyRockwell Account

We are here to support you in these unusual and complicated circumstances, and this is another strategy you can deploy to keep your manufacturing site running and keeping your flow of repairs going with no-touch remanufacturing and repair. You may also continue to use your local resources at Horizon Solutions with any Repair / Remanufacturing questions or requests you may have. We are committed to being here to help support your business needs!