Inventory Assurance Keeps You Up and Running

| David Kew

Inventory Assurance

A Solution for Storeroom and Spare Parts Reliability

The other day I got a call from a customer who wanted to know how fast we could get them a specific variable frequency drive. They had a spare part in the storeroom, but when they went to retrieve it they found that the box was open and the drive inside was covered in dust and did not run. Uh oh. A critical piece of equipment was down and they needed this part to get up and running. The purpose of this post is to let you know there is an alternative. We call it Inventory Assurance.

Do you work in a factory? A manufacturing plant? What does your storeroom (or storerooms) look like? I see storerooms full of:

  • Boxes with broken seals (Is the part inside new? Or old?)
  • Parts out of the box and covered in dust (Is this a good part or is it the bad one that was brought back to the storeroom?)
  • Electronic parts that are 5 or 10 years old and have never been tested (Maybe these parts will work. Is maybe good enough?)
  • Suspect inventory (Was this repaired by an authorized or an unauthorized source?)
  • Parts with old firmware or unknown firmware revisions (What revision? Will it plug and play?)

You and your team rely on your spare parts inventory for day to day operations, maintenance, repairs and so on. Inventory Assurance is all about proactively answering the questions laid out above.

Assuring the reliability of your spare parts inventory

Inefficient Inventory ManagementHandwritten? Sticky notes? Open boxes? Broken seal? There has to be a better way. Is that what your storeroom looks like? Is that reliable enough?

When your plant has a failure, you rely on your storeroom inventory to get your equipment back up and running. Having reliable spare parts available on your storeroom shelves is critical to keeping your machines up and running. 

So, What is Inventory Assurance?

Horizon Solutions offers a cost-effective inventory assurance service to increase the integrity of your storeroom. Our repair facility will clean and test your part. If it is found to meet original specifications we will repackage it and provide a one year warranty. If the part fails testing, we will run it through our economy remanufacturing process and return it to you in like-new condition with a one year warranty. We can also offer other options. Want to learn more about remanufacturing? This post from Anita explains more and why this can be a smart choice.

Do you need help analyzing the status of equipment in your storeroom? To begin your Inventory Assurance program, gather your “suspect units” and contact Horizon Solutions. Our team will reach out to you to help. We can work with part numbers, pictures, or an on-site visit if you prefer. Once in progress, you can move forward with confidence in the integrity of your spare parts.