Choosing the Right Integrated Service Agreement

| Anita O'Brien

Integrated Service Agreement

There Must be an Easier Way…

Many customers have told me that simply the walk across a production floor is an anxiety builder. They often feel like their head is on a pivot with all of the blistering questions that are coming their way and requests for help in various departments. Coordination on their end to resolve these issues and answer these questions are sometimes even more complex than the resolution of the actual issue. There must be an easier way. There are three tiers of Integrated Service Agreements.

Three Tiers with A Common Foundation

Rockwell Automation® and Horizon Solutions have heard you, and we have come up with a three-tier model to make your work life a little less stressful and your facilities more productive. The foundation of all three tiers include 24/7 support, cost management, and visibility. 


27/7 Support Integrated Service AgreementThe ability to access support globally 24/7 with systems-level engineers to talk to, chat with, or do a live view session with to troubleshoot and resolve issues and problems is built into each Integrated Service Agreement tier. You’ve heard two heads are better than one, and I know you probably have more than one person in your facility looking at an issue, but having a Rockwell Automation systems-level engineer actually being able to visually see the issue and problem along with your team can result in you getting up and running quicker resulting in better OEE and with reduced downtime.


Cost Management Integrated Service AgreementThe ability to set your annual repair costs and pay a flat monthly fee is a benefit of having an Integrated Service Agreement. Failures happen. However, the cost of failures during a particular month can cause your maintenance budget to have quite a few unexpected spikes. The costs of repairs are always fluctuating based on the availability of parts, and no one else can remanufacture to like-new using the original equipment manufacturer components. No one else has the ability to test and do firmware revisions like the OEM. Learn more about remanufacture and repair services.


Visibility Integrated Service AgreementThe ability to see the contract usage and have data analytic reports with customer-friendly, easy-to-use dashboards is a part of every Integrated Service Agreement tier. Many customers purchase contracts without knowing who is actually using them in their facility. With dashboards, you can clearly see who is utilizing the contract and who may need to be re-educated on how to use the support to avoid overtaxing one or two people who are always the go-to people in a facility. We talk about skills gaps in this industry, but we all know that the best way to learn is often by doing. These dashboards can provide the ability to see who is taking the time to try and resolve an issue by utilizing support. The dashboards can also shed some light on where you may want to provide some additional training to reduce the skills gap.

Tier One: Essential Integrated Service Agreement

The foundational elements described above may fit your needs quite nicely, but often I hear that people want to include a few more offerings to ensure that they have everything they need when a problem arises or when they feel that they can’t resolve everything on their own. To enter into an Essential integrated Service Agreement, you of course get the three items mentioned above, but you can also add up to three more components individually or a subset of the three below offerings.


The ability to have Rockwell Automation owned spare parts for critical areas within your facility. Many customers now have to deal with reduced inventory in their facilities, which hinders them from having all of the critical spares they need. Others have reduced budgets when upgrading or adding lines to purchase the inventory needed to support the installed base of equipment they have. With this option, you can choose what Rockwell Automation inventory you need to support your critical applications and have that inventory reside at your facility and not affect your inventory or pay for it upfront. Learn more about Parts Management Agreements.


The ability to have Rockwell Automation engineers assist when you just don’t have the skillset or the manpower to accomplish what you need. With this option to the Essential contract, you can specify the number of hours per year that again would not bill out all at once, but rather bill monthly and you would access to a pool of Rockwell Automation field service engineers who are highly skilled in many different Rockwell Automation technologies. 


The ability to have a single or multi-user subscription to the large e-learning and virtual training platform. There are over 20 classes available in various automation categories and the addition of virtual training now allows access to some of the open enrollment classes with a virtual instructor in three-hour fixed blocks to accomplish the courses. Learn more about Rockwell-Automation Learning+.

Tier Two: Enhanced Integrated Service Agreement

For those of you who may like all the components in the Essential agreement and see the need for engineering hours, the next tier of this agreement is the Enhanced Integrated Service Agreement, which also provides you with the following additional service.


The ability to have Rockwell Automation do a complete Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) of all your Rockwell Automation installed base and your storeroom. The deliverables provide you with detailed reports on the life cycle of all your current Rockwell Automation parts and help identify replacement parts on items that are at end of life or discontinued. It also provides you with conditions in your panels and does a spare part analysis to show you inactive parts in your inventory and where you may be short on spares based on your installed automation components. Learn more about Installed Base Evaluations.

The same options for Rockwell Automation owned spares and the learning subscription can also be added to the Enhanced tier.

Tier Three: Premier Integrated Service Agreement

The last tier available to this contract includes all the components of the first two with some enhancements in each category and the following two offerings are the Premier Integrated Service Agreement.

Rockwell Automation will assign you with a personal assistant who will review your activity on a regular basis and share insights on how to maximize the value of your contract as well as conduct quarterly business reviews leveraging the data analytics provided.

You will also receive four days of preventative maintenance conducted twice a year in two-day increments conducted by Rockwell Automation engineers to review the overall health of your Allen-Bradley® equipment and provide recommendations for improvement and optimization.

We Can Help You Choose

In closing, the next time you feel that your head is on a pivot and there are just too many things to do, know that there is an easier way to make your facility more efficient that will provide you with a team you and your facility can access. With one of the three Integrated Service Agreement options, we can help you be more efficient. With a single phone number, one agreement, a single purchase order, and a fixed monthly price for one of the three Integrated Service Agreement options, Essential, Enhanced, or Premier, Rockwell Automation and Horizon Solutions can help you to reach your company’s goals and provide you with some immediate return on your investment with built-in cost savings. Contact us today!