Top 3 Benefits of inSIGHT Data Monitoring

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inSIGHT Data Monitoring

The new line of inSIGHT™ Data Monitoring solutions from Hubbell® Wiring Device-Kellems are designed to help industrial manufacturers use information and analytics to better predict and prevent costly downtime before it happens.

If your operation is like many industrial facilities today, you’re working hard to capitalize on the promise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and create an intricately connected enterprise. To do that, you’re likely doing three things:

  1. Linking devices and analyzing data so you can identify changes in vital metrics
  2. Optimizing uptime by identifying potential issues before they happen
  3. Using the intelligence to fine-tune your processes for maximum yields

And if you’re like many facilities today, you’re getting some pretty good results—but they could be even better. Let’s look at some ways inSIGHT Data Monitoring solutions can help.

inSIGHT Data Monitoring

#1. Prevent Unplanned Downtime

We often hear from customers whose operations are plagued by motors or other heavy equipment failing prematurely. Other customers sometimes experience uneven performance from identical production lines or laboratories. Hubbell’s power monitoring cables provide quick plug-and-play monitoring directly at the point of use. The pre-wired monitor provides several benefits, including: 

  • Transmitting power usage directly to a central gateway without the need for complicated system configuration
  • Showing plug temperatures that flare up in-between manual readings to help prevent the occasional surprise thermal runaway incident

The data monitoring IEC pin and sleeve devices can track temperature at the termination. Any changes to typical operating temperatures will prompt an immediate notification

#2. Increase Energy Efficiency

inSIGHT Data MonitoringAs your equipment ages, the power demand increases. Unless you have visibility to your monthly utility bill, you would have no idea that you are consuming more power to compensate for that wear. Having access to the equipment’s trending data allows you to schedule preventative maintenance on your equipment to ensure you are optimizing the performance output for that piece of equipment.
Hubbell’s circuit monitors provide a means to monitor single-phase and three-phase circuits in consumption, load balancing, and historical trends. They can measure energy consumption at the branch circuit and point of use.

#3. FactoryTalk Integration

inSIGHT Data MonitoringRockwell Automation® has added Hubbell’s new electrical consumption monitoring products to their FactoryTalk® industrial automation software, perhaps the most widely used and respected suite of its kind. This capability expansion means that FactoryTalk users will be able to add electricity usage data to their dashboard of production metrics and have even greater insight into their operations—with even more power to increase yields, reduce downtime, and optimize predictive maintenance efforts. 

The gateways gather data from all monitoring devices and transfer it to a front-end dashboard for visual and historical analysis. The gateways also allow the system to send immediate notifications when data falls outside of the designated parameters. Each gateway accepts up to 150 monitoring devices at a maximum distance of 30 meters from node to node. 

The gateway is pre-programed, so no further development is needed, providing a turnkey solution.

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Want to find out more? Download this free white paper from Hubble, “Electrical consumption data—a powerful tool for process optimizationHow tracking a new data flow can further increase uptime and minimize waste.” You can also reach out to us for expert advice and guidance. Contact us today!