Foreign Objects in Manufacturing

| Anita O'Brien

Foreign Objects

Boy, there seem to be a lot of recalls these days due to foreign objects!

Have you ever wondered why there are so many recalls due to foreign objects? Well, here is something to think about. Do you remember when that drive failed, and the buyer found that great deal to get a repaired unit? It wasn’t through the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), but it sure was a great deal. What you didn’t know is that the part could have been contaminated because it came from another manufacturer, and it could introduce a foreign object into your process. That great deal that saved you in upfront costs could end up causing downtime in your plant, quality control issues, recall costs, and negative publicity.

Avoid Foreign Object with Authorized Distributors

All right, maybe it didn’t cause cross-contamination but are you 100% sure it won’t? If you didn’t get your repaired part from the OEM, you are also introducing cybersecurity risks within your facility. Parts often may appear to be sealed and coming from Rockwell Automation®, but if they aren’t purchased through an authorized distributor they are not certified parts, and they may be a contaminated part or introduce cybersecurity risks to your facility.

Foreign Object Labels
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Only Rockwell Automation and its Authorized Distributors leverage Rockwell’s proprietary remanufacturing process that restores failed units to ‘like new’ or better condition, extending equipment life and enhancing plant performance. Manufacturers who leverage these services reduce their procurement costs, reduce the frequency of part failure and plant unintended downtime, and more than ever help mitigate the risks of buying surplus or repaired automation products and installing significant risk in the production process.” – The Hidden Threat Plant Managers Need To Know About and What You Can Do To Help, Andrew Hastert, Commercial Program Manager, Channel Services, Customer Support & Maintenance, Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation Remanufacturing Services
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To Repair or Not to Repair: So Many Options, Which is the Right One? By Wayne Kraszewski, Project Manager, Lifecycle Extension & Migration Services of Rockwell Automation can help you understand your options for reputable repairs.

We are Authorized

Bottom line: If it seems too good to be true it probably is. We are a Rockwell Automation authorized distributor. Contact us today!