A More Reliable Cable-Pull Switch

| Lauren McNamara

Cable-Pull Switch

Cable pull switches have a notorious history for tripping when there aren’t actually any emergencies. On the factory floor, this is counterproductive for facility personnel as it creates more stress and machine downtime. Traditional cable pull switches are meant to help troubleshoot and solve problems, but with their over-sensitivity, they aren’t measuring up to expectations. As a result, many plants have opted out of using cable pull switches altogether and instead have turned to alternative safety applications.

Technological Improvements

Turning to those alternatives isn’t always the best solution for your facility. Sometimes there may be a compelling business reason to keep using the cable pull switches you already have installed. Keeping all these factors in mind, Rockwell Automation recently redesigned the pull cable switch to help increase safety and manufacturing productivity. The new switch, the Allen-Bradley® Guardmaster® Lifeline™ 5 Cable-Pull Switch, is designed to only trip for an actual emergency. The device has built-in intelligence, it is designed to not react to accidental touches. And  Guardmaster Lifeline 5 Cable-Pull Switches have the same bolt pattern as Lifeline 4. This makes a drop-in replacement very easy.

Guardmaster Lifeline 5 Cable Pull Switch

Technically, the difference is how a Guardmaster Lifeline 5 Cable-Pull Switch, responds to the RATE of tension change, not ALL tension changes. Fast changes, which usually result from an emergency pull of the cable, trip the system. Slow changes, typically caused by accidental leaning or changes in temperature, do NOT trip the system. Decreasing the frequency of these inconvenient trips results in decreasing your unnecessary downtime. Less downtime = More productivity.

Want to learn more about how this switch actually works? Check out this short video below.

Let’s Talk Cable-Pull Switch Tech

Allen-Bradley Rockwell Automation Guardmaster Lifeline Cable-Pull SwitchesSounds too good to be true? Let me explain the technology and how it works. The Lifeline 5 comes equipped with two LED light indicators for tension and status of the switch. These bright LED lights can be seen from the other end of the line, reducing the number of people required to tension a line to one person. The Lifeline 5 is also unique in the fact that when it loses tension it will not trip the system, but instead flash its indicator light to make the operator aware of its need for retensioning. It also includes an M12 5-pin connector for a quick connection or an M12 8-pin connector for wiring multiple switches in. Because the cable pull switch is an intelligent device, multiple devices can be wired in series while still maintaining the highest level of safety dictated in ISO14119.