There Are Alternatives to Traditional Cable Glands

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Alternatives to cable glands, icotek cable entry solutions

Save Time with icotek Cable Entry Solutions

If you’re working with panels and enclosures, you likely know the time and effort that goes into working with traditional cable glands. Horizon Solutions now offers icotek cable entry solutions.

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Less Effort and Greater Labor Efficiency

Icotek is an innovative alternative to conventional cable glands, offering cable entry systems that dramatically reduce labor time and create a smaller footprint on the side of a panel or bulkhead. Their cable entry frames use a single punch-out that’s the size as a standard industrial pin connector, allowing you to run multiple cables without having to cut connectors off. 

Conventional Cable Glands Can’t Compete

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There’s No Comparison

An alterative to cable glands, icotek cable entry solutionsCable Glands

  • Very slow assembly
  • Only capable of running bulk cable
  • Individual holes per cable gland

icotek Cable Entry Solutions

  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Split system allows the entry of cables with connectors
  • High cable density allows for a smaller footprint for cable entry

Ready to Try this Game-Changer?

Forget about old fashioned cable glands. With innovative cable entry systems from icotek, you can:

  • Save time running cables
  • Run multiple cables without cutting connectors
  • Reduce footprint of bulkheads and panels

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