Readers’ Choice: 7 Best Blogs of 2019

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Best Blogs 2019

It’s been a big year for our blog! We’ve added new authors, covered more industries and topics, posted more frequently, and won over more readers. As a result, our traffic shot up 123% over last year, and readers are spending 140% more time soaking up the information and insight from our experts.

Whether you’re a regular reader or it’s your first time here, this post will introduce you to the seven best blogs of 2019. To compile this list, we took a unique approach. We looked at traffic, timing, time spent, and content to go beyond a standard top ranking.

Best Blog: RSLinx Rebrand#1. Most Page Views

Confused by RSLinx® Rebranding,” from Joe Amorese, got the most page hits this year. Clearly, people want to know more about the RSLinx rebrand. Joe is an Automation Specialist, specializing in PLC and visualization. This, his most popular blog, addresses not only the name change but also what it means.

Best Blog: Inertia Ratio#2. Most Monthly Hits

Inertia Ratio: Avoiding an Inertia Mismatch,” from Chris Williams, saw the most consistently high traffic each month. You might even say, this post has momentum. Chris is an Automation Specialist, specializing in motion control. This post lays out the inertia ratio and its importance and impact as well as how to find the ideal ratio.

Best Blog: 1305 Drive to PowerFlex 525#3. Most Time Spent Reading

Drive Modernization Part III 1305 to PowerFlex 525,” from Scott Savage, kept readers on the page the longest. This is a part of Scott’s popular drive migrations series, helping readers convert their legacy drives to newer technology. Scott is an Automation Specialist, specializing in drives. This post gives you easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.

Best Blog: 3 Reasons to Upgrade to GuardLink#4. Most Repeat Visitors

3 Reasons to Upgrade to GuardLink™ Technology,” from Scott DeVost, kept readers coming back. When we compared the unique page views to total views, this blog rose to the top. Scott is a Specialist, specializing in sensors, safety, and IC. In this post, he takes a deep-dive into the advantages of GuardLink technology and how it can make facilities more productive.

Best Blog: Large Enclosures#5. Biggest Debut

Best Practices for Large Enclosures,” from Will Cole, made a big splash when it went up this month, and it’s poised to become a long-time reader favorite. Will is our Manufacturing Services Project Coordinator, and he writes information-packed posts on enclosures and control panel best practices. This post walks you through logistical and safety considerations.

Best Blog: Emergency Eyewash Stations#6. Most Growth Since Debut

Emergency Eyewash Stations are a Must,” from Jim Lanz, just keeps getting more popular as time goes on. That’s not surprising when you consider how critical safety is to any operation. Jim is a Safety Specialist and an OSHA-Certified Trainer. His posts are rich with tips to keep readers safe and complaint. This blog covers ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 safety standards.

Best Blog: STO#7. Most Popular Post in a Series

Is Safe Torque Off for Me,” from Kevin Beach, is the sixth installment of his immensely popular VFD series. In fact, when we look at traffic to our entire blog this year, Kevin’s “Motor Cable Length Matters” from this series got nearly 10% of all of our blog traffic. Kevin is an Automation Specialist, specializing in power control.

More Best Blogs to Come

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