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We’ve Got the Know-How to Show You How-To

We’ve been blogging for nearly three years now, and we’re thrilled to see how much our audience and readership has grown over the years. Considering a recent survey showed our customers come to us for more than products and services—they come to us for our deep knowledge, too—that’s not too surprising. And that’s why our talented specialists share their expertise each week on our blog.

Blogs can seem ephemeral. The moment a new article is published and pushed, it’s on to the next. The most recent float the top and older posts sink further and further down the list of titles with each passing week. But there’s a lot of useful information in there, if you’re just willing to look.

That’s why we’ve compiled our top five how-to blog posts based on the number of page visits (so you don’t have to).

#5. How to Calculate Safe Distances

Austin Desmond is an up-and-coming Automation Specialist at Horizon Solutions, supporting industrial control, safety, PLC/HMI, motion, and drives. He brings in-depth technical knowledge and a fresh approach to our blog, often incorporating video content. In this post, Austin discusses safe mounting distance formulas. Whether you watch the video or read the transcript, you’ll learn how to safely stop hazards and have access to all of the tools referenced in the video.

#4. DIY Equipment Labels and Safety Signs

Safety Specialist Jim Lanz is one of our most popular and prolific bloggers. Jim is committed to helping customers create safe, healthy, accident-free work environments. You won’t have to scroll far through past blog posts to find Jim sharing his vast safety knowledge. In this post, you’ll not only learn about the importance of workplace safety, but also how to create effective, compliant signage. And you’ll have access to additional resources to make it even easier.

#3. How to Plan for Equipment Upgrades

Anita O’Brien is our Services and Solutions Business Manager, and she brings a wealth of knowledge to our blog. She supports automation across our footprint, and she’s been connecting with customers for over twenty years. At the time of publication, over $65B in automation assets were reaching the end of their life (according to the ARC Advisory Group). In this post, Anita discusses the importance of modernizing equipment and provides tips to help you plan for upgrades.

#2. How Do I Choose an Electric Motor?

Kevin Beach is one of our most-read bloggers. As a Drives Specialist, Kevin provides customers with technical support on Rockwell Automation® AC and DC drive systems. His on-going series on VDFs drew an impressively large audience. This series continues to draw a large, engaged audience. Readers enjoy his relatable style and knowledgeable articles. This post is part five of the series. You’ll get an overview on motors and learn how to pick one to that meets your needs.

#1. 5 Safety Control System FAQs Answered

Automation Specialist Tom Hopkins brings over 20 of years industrial automation experience to our blog. His specialties include sensors, machine safety, and industrial controls. In this post, Tom answers the top five common questions he gets from our customers. You’ll learn about risk reduction, control systems, ISO 13849, and more. This is a part two of one of Tom’s previous posts: 5 Machine Safety FAQs Answered

Bonus: Another #1

Even as staff transitions, the great articles they’ve produced—and the knowledge and expertise they shared—stay on our blog. “Best Practices & Options for Your Control Panels” was written by a control panel expert with direct experience on every level of panel projects, including design, build, fabrication, customization, testing, and verification. In this post, you’ll learn all about three common options so that you can choose the one that will best meet your needs.

More Knowledge Coming Your Way

That’s just a small sampling of the valuable content you can find on our blog. And we have even more seasoned experts writing for us, giving you a peek inside their well-informed, highly trained brains. In 2019, we’re going to step up our game by adding more authors, covering more topics, and posting more frequently. But there’s no need to wait for a blog post to come around if you have questions and concerns right now—contact our talented specialists today!