Should I Attend Automation Fair?

| Jim Bischoff

Should I attend Automation Fair?

The Automation Fair® event by Rockwell Automation® provides a unique setting in which almost every possible technology, industry, and application come together, bringing forth all that Rockwell Automation has to offer.  Attendees are able to submerge themselves in this vast technical environment to learn and network with their peers. Still not convinced you should go? Let's look at what Automation Fair can do for you.

Extend Your Knowledge

Good employees can be hard to come by, especially in the technical world. It’s a field that requires precise skills, high-level thinking, and deals with intricate products and services. With technology constantly changing and evolving, it is critical employees who work in this industry evolve with it by staying on top of trends, learning new products, and consistently gain field experience. Make yourself even more valuable to your employer by expanding your automation knowledge to enhance your Allen-Bradley® and Rockwell Automation products. Learn how integrating other technologies can help make your company more productive and efficient. Together with Rockwell Automation, PartnerNetwork™ members showcase the newest and most advanced power, control and information solutions through more than 150 exhibits and displays at the Automation Fair event. These partners offer complementary technology, and often have products and solutions for very specific applications, or designed for certain industries. They easily integrate with Rockwell Automation systems to take you, your equipment, and company, to the next level.

Enhance Your Skills

Are you the PLC programming expert at your facility? The drives guru? Whatever your expertise, consider devoting some of your time at the Automation Fair event to learn about a different technology to broaden and enhance your skillset. The great thing about the event is that it provides a diverse environment to do just that. If you’re that programmer, take the time to learn about integrated motion or integrating AC Drives on EtherNet/IP. If you’re already the drives guru, learn more about Logix programming or the rules of effective EtherNet/IP installations. As the products become more tightly integrated over time, your ability to provide solution support will likely lead to faster time to market for OEMs or shorter downtime events for end-users.

Expand Your Network

On top of sharpening your current skill set and broadening your industry knowledge, the event is perhaps the premier automation event for peer networking. should I attend Automation Fair?Does your company have Legacy hardware controlling your process? Would you like to see your efficiency or OEE improve? Consider attending the Process Solutions Users Group (PSUG), just two days before the Automation Fair event. Peers discuss how they have solved similar problems, and industry experts are available to discuss trends in your specific field. Hands-on labs specific to process control are also available for attendees.

Beyond PSUG and the Automation Fair event, traveling with Horizon Solutions is a great way to connect and network with your regional peers, especially at our two evening hospitality events. If you aren’t sure who they might be, ask your Horizon Solutions account manager to introduce you. You never know who you may meet or what you could learn from someone who is working on a similar equipment challenge or implementing a new process.