5 Reasons You Need the 450L Light Curtain

| Austin Desmond

450L Light Curtain

The 450L is a Game Changer

A set up with a 450L light curtain is going to increase your freedom and flexibility while reducing the operator fatigue commonly associated with traditional solid guarding methods. By decreasing the need for solid guarding, 450L light curtains simplify routine tasks like machine setup, maintenance, and repair. Additionally, these light curtains allow easier access to your semi-automatic procedures improving your operability and efficiency.

Top 5 Differentiators

What sets the 450L light curtains apart from other light curtains? Here are the top five reasons why this might be the light curtain for you.

#1. Fewer Spare Parts

The new transceiver stick design eliminates the need for separate transmitter and receiver sticks. The stick of the light curtain is universal, requiring a plug-in module that will make it either a transmitter, a receiver, or universal. You will now be able to stock a single part number rather than the two that are required for tradition light curtains.

#2. Greater Protected Area

Unlike other light curtains, the 450L has no dead zones at either end of the stick. The “brains” of the light curtain are inside the plug-in module that goes into the back of the stick, so you now have protection across the entire length of the curtain.

#3. Less Maintenance

By moving away from the typical transmitter and receiver design that other light curtains follow, the 450L requires less effort for upkeep. Rather than knowing how to take care of two different parts, the universal stick will require half the time and effort than a typical set.

#4. More Versatile

The 450L offers finger, hand, and larger sized curtains. The sizes range from 150mm up to 1950mm in multiples of 150mm. The slim housing (30mm x 30mm) makes it easy to integrate into various machine designs. Additionally, the 450L detects personnel not only from in front but also inside the work cell so operators are protected under more circumstances.

#5. Simpler Safety

By simplifying logistics, lowering costs, and reducing maintenance time, your safety solution is now optimized to please buyers, designers, builders, and operators. The cost-effectiveness and ease of use of the 450L family set it apart from all other light curtains.

See the 450L in Action

In the following video from Rockwell Automation®, you can learn more about the product’s features and see how it works.

Thinking About Upgrading to the 450L?

We could all benefit from having fewer spare parts, more protection, and easier maintenance. And keeping your customers happy and your operators safe is invaluable. If you’d like more information on light curtains in general or about the 450L specifically, we’re here to help. Our team is ready to help you find the right solution for your application, contact us today!